What is Warrior?

Warrior is an idea. Warrior will be a multi-player, online, shoot 'em up in the tradition of SubSpace and Continuum. SubSpace/Continuum development has stagnated for many years now and it's time for an open source version that can bring to life the vision of so many who have such great ideas for the game.

How will Warrior be different?

The first step of Warrior will be to emulate most, if not all of the functionality of SubSpace. It would be really nice if when version 1 is released, one could take a SubSpace arena and import it into Warrior. But the final game will differ in a number of areas:

The real key improvement will be the addition of a plugin architecture to the client that will allow people to further improve and extend the game without having to make improvements directly in the client source code. These improvements may or may not accompany server-side plugin modules as well.

How can you help?

I'm open to anyone willing to offer their time to this project. I could really use people for creating graphics and later, designing game arenas. Any programmers are welcome to join. People who have a lot of experience in encryption, network communications, and DirectX are a plus.

The Development

Development will be managed via the SourceForge project page. The original game client will be written in C#. I suspect the first server will also be written in C#. That said, clients and servers in C++ can certainly be developed side by side. I choose C# simply because the bottleneck in the game will always be network communications, so language doesn't matter in terms of speed. Thus I choose the language I'm most comfortable with at the moment.


If you're interested in getting involved, contact me at: pdavis68@hotmail.com

Other FAQs

Q: Why does your web page suck?
A: I don't do HTML. At least not very well. Wanna make a page for the site?

Q: When will the first version be released?
A: When it's ready. Not a minute sooner!